Patience, compromise and grind at the start to reap the rewards

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I’m grateful to have a network of very ambitious, hardworking and successful women in my network who inspire me to aim high and challenge the status quo. I lean on my network heavily for guidance, mentoring and advice and offer the same to my coachees.

Recently, I interviewed some inspirational women in my network about their careers. In particular, I asked them about how they ended up in their current role, the challenges they’ve come across in the workplace, and how they’re taking those learnings and applying them in the future. Here are the pearls of wisdom they shared…

1. Be open to the opportunities that come your way, even if it’s not your dream role


Knowing when and why to switch jobs is as important as the new job you pick, here’s why

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Do you wake up in the morning feeling energised about work? Or more importantly, is work a part of your life by which you would like to be fulfilled, satisfied, energised, challenged, and rewarded both financially and otherwise?

No, I’m not pitching a pyramid scheme to you.

I am, however, reflecting on the process I’ve used in the past to determine when and why to switch jobs and how this has helped me make the right decisions for both my professional progress and my sanity. …

How I’ll be applying the learnings from the most difficult year of my life

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2020 is the year that will probably be remembered in our lifetimes as one of immense disturbance, delay, and deficit…not to mention one that exposed the fragile nature of mental health in our society. Even with 7 years of academic study in the areas of health and wellbeing and working day to day in the field, I not only experienced declining mental health this year, I fell head first into burnout and am thankful to have found a way to recover.

Given how challenging this year has been for many, with its long stretches of uncertainty, social distancing, and missed…

Professional Services Consultant and Blogger

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Thanks for clicking on my About Me story! I’m Eresha, it’s nice to connect via Medium and I hope this post provides you with information, perspectives, insights, and maybe even a laugh or two.

I’m a first-generation Sri Lankan Australian and grew up in Melbourne. Like most first gens, I’ve grown up with an acute awareness of my dual identity as a Sri Lankan daughter, sister, cousin and friend, and also Australian student, friend, professional and mentor. It’s been an interesting journey so far full of challenges, setbacks, and also achievements and huge milestones.

I’m passionate about a wide range…

Strategies to avoid falling back into the pitfall that got you into that mess in the first place

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Burnout is a common experience amongst many high-performing professionals who are motivated by purpose, mission, professional progress, financial progress and many other drivers. It’s only once you experience burnout and its detrimental effects on your health and wellbeing that you realise, not only is it a slippery slope back into that grey dreary pit of frustration, anxiety and exhaustion, but that it can end up costing you diversity of experience in your life.

Hear me out on this.

One of the reasons I experienced burnout, was my loss of social commitments due to COVID-19 that would have otherwise occupied my…

How to build strong, genuine professional relationships through intentional and regular networking

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Have you ever gone to a professional networking event only to feel incredibly uncomfortable and awkward trying to make small talk with strangers in a room? If so, you’re not alone, and you may feel an ‘icky’ sensation when you think about networking and its purpose in professional development as it is often incorrectly perceived as inauthentic and self-serving.

However, networking, when done, right can serve as a powerful tool that can open up valuable opportunities that would have otherwise been inaccessible. …

What I’ve learnt about boundaries, workload, and performance whilst working from home for the past six months

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been working 18+ hour days, not meeting deadlines or quality expectations, and feeling utterly and completely overwhelmed?

I have.

I’ll start by saying this situation was completely avoidable, had I known what I do now through the guidance of many of my mentors and hindsight. I’m sharing some of the practical advice I was given in the hope that it will help you avoid the all too common mistakes that can contribute to excessive workloads and ultimately, burnout.

Have a clear overview of your workload now and into the future

Figure out how to map your workload, week by week, from now into…

How to take back control and focus whilst engaging meaninfully with your network

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Are you using social media to its fullest potential, or is it using you?

For those of us who have found ourselves mindlessly scrolling through our social media channels as a release from our daily stressors, this is probably a difficult realisation to confront.

Social media platforms have opened up huge opportunities for people wanting to create, further develop, and promote their work, hobbies, and interests. …

The habits and systems I’ve adopted to maximise my time and my wellbeing during isolation and beyond

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Pre-COVID-19, I was getting up at 6am, somehow not having time for breakfast, rushing to the station and complaining about my commute into the office (almost on a daily basis). I never once seriously considered adapting my daily routine to better set the tone for the rest of my day. I’ve finally seen the light and won’t be going back to the ‘rise and dash’ life any time soon. This change for me started with adopting a productive morning routine.

Productive morning routines are definitely not a new practice. Almost every successful individual I can think of has talked about…

Eresha Abenayake

Eresha is a health and wellbeing consultant and is interested in the overlap between wellbeing and professional development. Follow for all related advice

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